Enjoying the Outdoors Safely During Social Distancing

As the warm, sunny weather has begun to arrive, most of us are itching to enjoy the outdoors. But the need for social distancing has left many still feeling cabin fever. However, with the right planning and knowledge it can be easy to spend time outdoors safely.

Plus, spending time outdoors has major benefits for your physical and mental health. These include improved energy and memory, reduced blood pressure and risk of diabetes, and lower levels of stress and anxiety. Follow these tips to reap the benefits of the great outdoors!

Know & Follow Your Local Guidelines

First and most importantly, brush up on your current local rules for being outdoors and properly social distancing. These guidelines vary from place to place and are subject to frequent change, so stay in the loop to ensure you are abiding by your community’s rules and being as safe as possible when you go outside.

Walk, Run or Ride

Even with social distancing orders in place, you are still allowed to go outdoors for daily exercise, like walking, running, jogging, biking, or hiking. You can do this alone or with members of your household. Just try to avoid crowded walkways and trails and maintain distance from those from outside your household. Keep in mind some parks may still be closed for safety reasons.

To help beat the heat during outdoor exercise, we recommend a deluxe cooling headwrap that can be worn as a headband or around your neck. It cools instantly when wet with water or perspiration, so wearers stay cool even in hot weather. Plus, it looks great branded with your logo!

Enjoy Your Backyard, Porch or Deck

A surefire way to enjoy the outdoors while safely social distancing is to make the most of your private yard, porch, deck, balcony, or roof. In your space, you can get fresh air and vitamin D while doing just about anything: reading, yoga, napping, knitting, playing games, drinking your morning coffee, or cooking up a meal on the grill, to name a few.

Remember to protect yourself if your outdoor space gets a lot of direct sunlight. Beat the sun’s rays and maximize comfort while you’re out there with a pair of Malibu-style sunglasses that protect your eyes from both UVA and UVB rays.

Open a Window for Fresh Air

Want the benefits of time spent outdoors without needing to social distance or worry about safety? Stay in and pop open a window! You can still get fresh air, breeze, and sunshine from a well-positioned open window. This also improves the air quality in your home, and more oxygenated air can improve your concentration and mood.

In Conclusion

Social distancing is important, and it doesn’t mean you can’t spend time outside. By being smart about your outdoor activities and staying familiar with your local guidelines, you can enjoy the great outdoors safely this spring and summer.

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