Tips to Work from Home with Success

With major disruptions to normal life, we’ve all had to adjust to changes and remain adaptable in recent weeks. One of the biggest changes is that many businesses have switched to remote work for their employees. More people than ever before are now working from home.


While the switch to work from home may be a welcome change for some, it is not without challenges. Isolation, low motivation, and lack of focus are some common difficulties for those who work from home. You can help ensure that you and your team are able to navigate this transition successfully with these tips.


Organize Your Technology


Working remotely requires all the right tech tools to keep you connected with your team, clients or customers. This of course includes your laptop and charger, but don’t forget to ensure you’llalso have access to all the software you’llneed.


Tech accessories make getting work done easier. High quality wireless earbuds allow for cord-free connection during web meetings and video calls. The stylish Skullcandy Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds come with a brandable charging case. [link: mobiletech-earbuds/product/7196-01_reg]


Keep a Designated Workspace


To work from home successfully, have a space in your home where you can focus on work fully for the duration of your workday. This will help minimize distractions and promote focus.


Make sure your workspace has everything you need to be comfortable and productive. Use a desk chair that supports your back. Since remote work means even longer hours looking at a computer screen, you may want to use Blue Light Blocking Glasses to protect eyes from digital strain. [link:]


Stay Connected with your Team


With technology providing so many communication tools, there’s no reason to stop collaborating with your team while working from home. Video chats, phone calls and online meetings are a few great ways to keep collaborating and stay in touch with your team. This will also help boost morale during a time when many people are feeling isolated and lonely.


Minimize Distractions


If you know you’re easily distractible, take precautions to help minimize potentialdistractions. Put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ or airplane mode and leave it somewhere far from your workspace if you must.


You may also want to set ground rules with the other people in your home for the time that you're working. Family members, partners or roommates are probably used to you being accessible to them while you’re home. Let them know when it is and isn’t okay for them to disturb you during your workday. Establishing these boundaries early can prevent problems from arising while you work.


Take Breaks


It may seem counterintuitive, but one of the best things you can do for your focus is to take regular breaks. Get some time away from your computer screen by getting a snack, taking some deep breaths or getting some fresh air. This can reduce mentalfatigue and even increase productivity.


Motivate Yourself


Self-motivation techniques can help you think positively, set clear goals and stay on track while you work from home. Try motivating yourself with a reward system, like earning a few-minutebreak at the end of each hour of work. You can also reward yourself with small snacks or other treats.


Recognize Employees


Your employees have been adaptable and working hard through major changes. Recognize their dedication by giving them something to show that they’re appreciated. Employee recognition boosts morale and can increase motivation and productivity. Plus, you can choose gifts that will help make their transition easier by providing the right items for a functional home workspace.


Keep a Positive Outlook


While the future may be uncertain, these changes are temporary and with a positive attitude we can get through them together. Try to appreciate all the benefits of working from home, like not commuting

and having more control over your schedule. Do what you can to boost morale for yourself and your employees.


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